About Us

In addition to quality, we value community, sustainability, transparency, and family.

We are proud to be a part of the local community and to operate our farm and store in a sustainable manner.
We are transparent about our practices and sourcing, and we incorporate our family values into everything we do.

Over 4 Decades of History

Angus Cattle Co. is a family-owned operation with a rich cattle ranching history that dates back multiple generations. As a 3rd generation rancher, Angus Arthur (pictured above), is proud to now lead the family business. His father, Andrew Arthur Sr., has over 40 years of experience with raising cattle.

While growing up, Angus always looked forward to the semi trucks full of cattle pulling into the drive. Unfortunately, to meet market demand, the family was switched to crop farming during Angus' teenage years.

High Quality Beef

At the heart of our business is quality beef. We buy all of our Black Angus cattle from western states where they are strictly grass fed.

Once brought back to the farm in Michigan, the cattle are fed a combination of corn and free-range grass for roughly 140 days. This ensures proper marbeling so that all of our beef can be graded as USDA Prime or Choice. This level of quality is also carried through to our local processing partners to guarantee your meat is properly cut, packed, and sorted to our standards. Within 2-3 weeks of placing your order, we bring our freezer trailer to you, delivering right to your doorstep! 

We are committed to constantly improving our farm and, especially, our quality of beef. You can read more about our farm improvements below.

We are excited to announce our recent investment into our own herd of registered Black Angus cattle. The herd of breeding stock was acquired from the renowned Justamere Farms in Lloydminster, SK, Canada. These top-notch cattle will become our own herd of locally-raised, registered black angus cattle with the highest genetics possible!

Farm Improvements

March 2020

Automatic Waterer

We recently added an automatic watering system to the farm. Our new addition helps us provide fresh and constant water to the cattle. It is also essential during the winter months to keep the water from freezing. 

May 2020


In order to provide our cattle with the best environment, we purchased a new tractor that helps us keep our facilities consistently clean. Our new tractor and hay mower are more efficient and less time consuming for planting and harvesting hay. This allows us to provide our cattle with fresh home grown hay. 

Summer 2021


This past summer we made major improvements to the fencing of our facility. We fixed and checked all the wiring that surround the cattle. We added a holding pen to make loading and unloading cattle easier and safer. Finally, we took time to repaint the fence surrounding the barnyard to uphold a nice curb appeal. 

Where We're Going

Angus' fondest childhood memories are those spent on the farm around the livestock. In 2018, on break from college, he made the decision to bring cattle back to the family farm. Angus' entrepreneurial journey began with the purchase of two steers. He was able to quickly pre-sell the two steers for freezer beef. Before long, there were 20 head of cattle at the farm and the operation rapidly expanded. Angus Cattle Co. is now finishing 2022 with just over 200 head of cattle.

In Angus' own words, "It’s been a journey of blood, sweat, and tears, and it’s one I’ve put my whole heart into. But it’s paid off in more ways than I can describe."

Today, the Angus Cattle Co is hand-delivering freezer beef all across the midwest with hundreds of satisfied customers.

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