Refund Policy

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every order is completed with guaranteed care and handling to the highest quality from farm to doorstep, just the way you ordered it. We guarantee products will be delivered on time and to the correct address inputted in the Cutsheet form.

Return and Replacement Policy

To be eligible all must Apply:

- REMEMBER, to handle beef with complete care, freezer sealed packages are 100% guaranteed to last when handled correctly.
- Must notify Angus Cattle Company within 3-4 Business days that you are not completely satisfied with your completed order.
- Products must remain Frozen or Refrigerated when picked up.
- We will evaluate products based on consumer complaint and will replace exactly was not to expected standard.
- As a company, it is very rare that any products come back with complaints. We want you to know that the following guidelines must be completed through our company policy for full refund.

*Once Deposit is completed, there is NO refund, Guaranteed*